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Dr. Linda Blud, Director, LMB Consultancy Ltd

BSc (Hons) PhD C Psychol. CSci AFBPsS
Chartered Forensic Psychologist

  An experienced Chartered Forensic Psychologist with a background in social and developmental psychology. A Chartered Psychologist since 1988.
Registered with Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).
Currently serves as an Expert Panel Member on the Correctional Services Accreditation Panel for England and Wales. Has served on other offending behaviour programme panels, including the Scottish Accreditation Panel for Offending Behaviour Programmes (2006-2010), and the Canadian Accreditation Panel for Living Skills Programmes (1998, 2004).
Developed a new cognitive skills programme for the Correctional Services in the Netherlands.
Working with the Norwegian Correctional Service on an Enhanced Supervision project. Copy and paste this link to the Norwegian Correctional Services webpage for this programme: http://www.krus.no/lovbruddsamtalen.5620674-291012.html
Providing consultation to Northern Ireland Prison Service Psychology Services.
Approved to provide risk assessments for National Offender Management Service (NOMS).
A Psychology Member of the Parole Board for England and Wales 2004 - 2012.
Experienced in offender risk assessment and providing psychological reports for criminal and family courts.
Developed the Alcohol Related Violence (ARV) Programme, a programme aimed at reducing alcohol-related offending, which has been accredited for use in HM Prison Service.
Developed the Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) Programme, the most widely run cognitive skills programme in the UK, from the original Thinking Skills programme in 1996, and was responsible for revisions completed in 2000.
Introduced the accreditation process for cognitive skills and other programmes in the UK and led the development of the training and auditing processes for these programmes.
Has delivered training for schools, Forensic Mental Health Services, the Prison and Probation Services in the UK, and for correctional services in Canada, the US, Northern Ireland, Norway, Holland and Sweden.
Other programme development work includes: a revised ETS programme for psychopathic offenders; a brief motivational resettlement programme for short-term offenders; a Problem Solving Programme for at-risk young people; an intensive programme for violent offenders (for the Norwegian Correctional Service); a problem solving and skills training programme for Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Centre, Wisconsin, USA.
Served as the Forensic Psychology Representative on the User Panel of the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) for the UK Higher Education Funding Council.
Guest editor for a special edition of Legal and Criminological Psychology on offending behaviour programmes in prisons, 2003.